VBC 2023

July 31 – August 4 = $30/camper

As we look to this summer, we are planning on running STELLAR VBC for students going into JK-Grade 6. Join us for our half-day morning program from 9:00-12 noon.

9:00 am – 12:00 pm (sign-in opens at 8:50-9:20 a.m. and sign-out 12:00-12:15 pm)

We will not be able to move students outside of the set groups.

Join us this Summer as we explore, create, learn and build friendships! We have designed our STELLAR VBC program to reflect our facilities and interests of the students.

What is STELLAR Jr. VBC? This half-day Vacation Bible Camp Program is designed with our younger campers in mind and will provide all the fun and excitement of VBS geared to students going into JK – grade 1, in an environment that is just for them. The day is divided into activities where campers will participate in outdoor activities, games, crafts, snacks & small group discussions and rallies with great music, lessons, and lots of fun. STELLAR JR. is specifically designed to meet the needs of our youngest students. Activities are age appropriate and designed to promote the emotional and physical needs of our students. We think your littlest students will love what we’ve got planned.

What is STELLAR VBC? This week is geared towards elementary students going into grades 2 – 6. Every day our mornings start with connect time and then Students will participate in our STELLAR Bible Rally and then rotate through STAR games, COSMIC crafts, GALACTIC snack n yak & SPACE Adventures, followed by their STELLAR closing rally.

All activities are age-appropriate and enjoyable for the students. kids “hang out” with friends and learn to love and appreciate their coaches. Your kids will look forward to each new day. Students will enjoy creative activities geared to their age and coaches who love to connect with them.