CIT Camp

Middle school students can serve and learn leadership skills all at the same time!

In our CIT Discipleship program students will serve in a leadership role for Kids Camps, be mentored by Coaches, as well as receive intentional CIT training time with Pastors & Church Leaders honing practical leadership skills and growing their relationship with Jesus. Students must fill out our CIT application form to be accepted into these roles. Payment will be due if your student is accepted into our CIT Program.

CIT Program 2022– Students going into grade 7 & 8


Cost: $50/week

Students will learn leadership skills, teamwork, and share their talents as they impact the students who attend. They will also go through Coaching training and Discipleship in unique breakout sessions with Leaders and their peers.

We look for students who embody three important qualities:

  1. They must have leadership abilities. We are looking for students who know how to lead and have an impact on others and understand the responsibility that comes with leadership.
  2. They must have the heart of a servant. One of the greatest attributes a CIT can have is a willingness to do whatever is asked of them. These are the kind of students that in the years ahead we want to make paid workers.
  3. Finally, they must be a Christ-like example. We are here to make a lasting impact on the lives of our campers, and our leaders are a big part of that. Each camper looks to our leaders and sees the way they act and the way they serve. We want to be able to take campers and point them to our CIT’s and say, “If you want to know what it looks like to be a “middle schooler” that is pursuing Christ, this is what it looks like.

Please note that if you are looking to gain volunteer experience/hours we have opportunities in our VBS, Sunday kids church or Friday Night Kids Club program throughout the year